What kind of camera do you use? Is my most frequently asked question. Or, the alternative: “You must have a fancy/expensive camera!”

Nope. I use a Minolta x-370. It is a 35 mm SLR, an old film camera. Very basic. It does have a light meter, which is quite accurrate and I use most of the time. No autofocus, no motor drive. (No autoadvance.) They don’t make it anymore.

Once in a while I get tempted to buy something new, something fancy. And I go to a store, and pick some up– and they’re all too big. I can’t get my hand around them comfortably. I would have to use the tripod every time, and I wouldn’t shoot as much. I’m like my gear and I’m happy sticking with it, as long as I can.


Are these digital?

I am still shooting on film!  I use regular consumer Fuji 200 ASA color negative film, and I print the negatives in the darkroom on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. There are no Photoshop effects at all– everything you see is real.

(One exception: while all the photos you see at an art show, in a store or gallery, or for sale on my website are traditional film images, my blog pictures are all taken with a digital point-and-shoot. I realized I’d never update the blog if I had to scan each new image in, so I’ve been carrying a Canon Powershot around… They’re for sale too, either as 4×6 matted 8×10 or 8×10 matted 11×14. They are true to life as well– no digital manipulation in any of them.)


Do you carry your camera everywhere?

When I travel, yes.  Around Boston, no.  Here, I go out shooting on purpose, take my gear to a particular place.  Now that I have an iPhone, I don’t have to worry about missing anything.  The images aren’t good enough to sell, but the compulsion to always have my camera with me is gone. I carry it when I plan on going somewhere I want to shoot.